Presentation Power

What Will You Gain Here?

You are a person with an important message; maybe you have an exceptional product or service to offer the world. How will people find out about it, become hungry for it, and feel compelled to act on your idea or buy something only from you?

You can pour an enormous budget into third party marketing, which may or may not work. Or, you can learn world class presentation skills that will enrich your business and your life. Am I biased because I’m a professional presentation coach? You decide.

Here are some thoughts to help you reach an informed decision. Today, major corporations are investing big money to teach persuasive communication to their executives, salespeople, and other key decision makers.

The Harvard Business Review published a fascinating article about high profile companies hiring Robert Mckee, an internationally recognized screenwriting coach, to teach their leaders and sales forces the art of dramatic storytelling. They didn’t decide this frivolously. Their hard analysis proved that their investment helped create millions in profit. With my background in drama, this was music to my ears.

The alignment between the worlds of drama and business is not a fad. It’s a smart response to the marketplace of the 21st century. Your prospective customers, clients, and business partners today are repelled by superficial sales tricks and manipulation. They demand value, integrity, and passion from the people they do business with. There’s no limit to the price they will pay for them. Masterful presentation skills give you the power to express these qualities.

I’m an avid student of personal development. One of my mentors made an astute observation when he said that communication equals wealth. His definition of wealth includes emotional and spiritual awareness as well as money.

What Is Presentation?

Obvious question? On the surface, yes. Dig a little deeper, and you will find that many presenters don’t really understand the essence of a powerful effective presentation.

Is a presentation a speech? A lecture? A demonstration? A form of entertainment? An interactive event? Is it all of these things? My answer to the last question is yes, and it is more.

Must a presentation happen on a stage in front of an audience? Can you give a presentation across a desk, a dining room table, on the phone, in an elevator, or, even spontaneously on the street? Again, I answer yes to the latter question?

I’ve saved what I call the best question for last. Have you delivered a great presentation when your audience shoots to its feet at the end and gives you a thunderous standing ovation? We’ll see.

This Site’s Audacious Goal

I intend to challenge and expand your ideas about presentation. The content on this site is for you, the seasoned public speaker who motivates, inspires, and sells from the stage, and for you, the newbie who dreams of making an impact on an audience with your words even though the thought of opening your mouth in front of a group of people terrifies you.

My aim is to ignite a flame in you about the power of presentation in your business and your life. A flame that will not extinguish. I want you to raise the bar on your criteria for a great presentation. I will encourage you to see yourself as an agent of transformation whose words touch, elevate, and change the lives of the people who hear them.

Your role as a presenter will be to make the world a better place through your ideas and the products and services you deliver to the marketplace. As you step fully into this role, you will dramatically increase the amount of money you attract and earn.

Why Should You Believe Me?

I’ve devoted my adult life to the study and application of every form of presentation imaginable. “Great,” you say, “but are you any good at it.” My answer is that the marketplace says so, and that’s the only arbiter that counts.

My marketplace has been and is diverse. It includes the young high school dropouts I taught in private programs in New York City when they decided to recreate their lives. The dramatic literature students who fell in love with learning in my classes at Concordia University (Montreal), York University and University of Toronto.

The professional actors I instilled with confidence to audition for and win major roles on stage, film, and TV. The world class theatres like Canada’s National Arts Centre, the TV network producers and the heads of film production companies who hired me to play a wide range of roles throughout the years.

The people who nominated me for the Best Comic Performance award in “Who Is Cletis Tout?” a feature film starring Tim Allen, Richard Dreyfuss, and Christian Slater. The audiences who looked forward to my regular appearances in episodes of the hit Canadian sitcom, “Rent-A-Goalie.”

The many online customers who bought my eBook, “Persuasion Genie,” and became better marketers. The corporate executives and professional salespeople who coached privately with me, attended my weekend presentation seminars, and increased their sales and closing ratios dramatically. The countless network marketers who have become more masterful prospectors as a result of my training.